nothing to lose

I’ve been on the fence about starting a blog ever since my sister took the plunge and began documenting the life of her beautiful family about a year ago. She doesn’t write every day but her writing is so inspiring and her stories always make me feel, think and generally smile. It is one of the things that I most look forward to seeing in my inbox. I’m not an incredible writer, and I’m pretty sure most people don’t care about my stories but she has motivated me to start writing for the sake of remembering this time in our lives. If nothing else maybe my kids will thank me. Or maybe they will think I was crazy… either way it will be documented.

We just returned from an incredible 10 day RV trip around southwest Colorado and there were so many “I don’t want to forget this” moments that now seemed like an appropriate time to start writing. My mother actually mentioned before we left that she recently ran across her journal from our families two-week summer trip out west when I was 12 and it aided in my inspiration to do this. I considered journaling as well but since my handwriting is rather illegible that kind of defeats the purpose since no one would be able to read said memories.

After a particularly rough flight from Colorado to Chicago (more on that later) we were heading up an escalator with Fields under Deweys arm fighting us to get down when the man in front of us took notice.   He turned around with a smile and he said to us “Take a picture. You are in the Chicago airport and you have a child under your arm with filthy feet and you think you will remember this but you won’t. Take a picture. These are the moments.” So while I don’t have a picture of my screaming little man with filthy feet, and to be honest I would have been just fine with that memory fading, I’m thankful for that kind man and his encouraging words.  So here it goes…


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