today is a new day

I find Mondays to be particularly challenging. I realize that I am not alone in that sentiment and that in general Mondays can bring a case of the bummers but for some reason I really struggle emotionally on Mondays.  After a weekend full of fun it’s hard to transition back into the rhythm of schedules.  Maris loves to sleep in. She can sleep through absolutely anything and for extended periods of time. So while she may be excited to start a new camp or see friends over the summer, getting her up and out of bed is a huge undertaking… which unfortunately starts my day with a bit of stress and frustration. I continually remind myself to breathe, to let her wake up slowly but each time I start a new week I find myself losing patience early in the day and being exhausted* by the time bed rolls around.

We got Maris off to Art Camp at the Gibbes yesterday and Fields spent the entire ride home saying “sissy, my turn” as he is dying for a go at camp. Once we were home he walked around the house looking and asking for Daddy and Sissy. I realize that Mondays are just a dramatic change from being together as a family all weekend long but for some reason I still take it personally. I did manage to distract his search by taking him to the new Sea Turtle Hospital at the South Carolina Aquarium yesterday, which was absolutely incredible. He LOVES turtles so it was a temporary break from asking for everyone other than yours truly.

I managed to get them both out of the house for an impromptu play date late in the afternoon after countless fights over who was allowed to play with what toys and where. Maris is incredibly particular about her things, a trait that she unfortunately acquired from yours truly.  By the time Dewey got home from work I was ready to clock out. I climbed into bed where both kids proceeded to climb in and jump if it were a mini Skyzone.  I took a deep breath and started to cry. I wasn’t entirely sure why but mostly because I was having one of those guilty mom moments where I just felt like I could have done better. I could have had more patience and been less stressed out and just let the day happen instead of trying to control every moment. Maris jumped off the bed, grabbed me a tissue and hugged me and kissed me until a smile snuck out and she was reassured that I was indeed “happy with her.” We agreed to do better tomorrow. Both of us. She with her listening and I with my patience. So today is a new day…

* top 5 most used words list as curated** by Dewey

** also on the list


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