settling into life somewhere else

When we started to plan this summers get away we talked about trying out a different location and looked long and hard at Nicaragua primarily.  While this spot is certainly on our list for a future adventure we decided that it might actually be nice to come back to a place that we already knew our way around.  We would spend less time “figuring out” and more time just enjoying.  I have to believe that we made the right decision because while there are always things to hash out during travel it almost feels like we never left.  We caught our first Wednesday night movie at El Chivo, the kids made their own Pizzas at il basilico and having sand in every crevice of our bodies and every corner of our house feels like old hat.

We spent a lot of time the first week kind of sussing out our schedule with the kids which can be a little challenging.  We adjusted to the time change quickly and Fields has been sleeping like a champ.  We seem to have settled into a pretty good routine.  Dewey wakes up and gets a head start on his work before the rest of us are up and around.  We either spend the morning at the beach or pool if we are with the kids or if the kids are with our newest love Yessica, then I drop Dewey to surf and head to yoga.  When Fields goes down for his nap Maris and I are working on a bridging summer workbook and some sight words.  Dewey spends nap time making calls and returning emails and then we head back out to either the pool or beach in the afternoon.  We grab some casual dinner post sunset or grab a slice on the way home from the beach and call it a day.  One of my absolute favorite things about life here is that the sun sets by 6:15 and we are in bed by 9.  Every single night.  (unless I stay up to write)

We are in the greatest little house in an area called Nosara Verde which has 7 homes and a shared pool.  It has been the perfect set up for us and it’s been nice to have other kids at the pool for Maris to play with and Fields to splash water on.  Maris of course asks to go to the pool every day so she can dive for treasure (she just learned how to get to the bottom) and fields runs around all day yelling “beach” repeatedly. While the kids might not agree on what they want to do we think it’s a pretty solid win win.

The house perfectly suited for us.  It’s 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with a large living and kitchen area and a really nice outdoor space which Dewey has deemed his office from 12-2.  We are a quick ATV ride away from the beach which is totally fine since I think we all love riding the ATV as much as we enjoy the places it takes us.  We found a cute little playground around the corner which is conveniently across from our favorite cookie in town.  We have been frequenting The Harmony for Yoga and lattes and Dewey has been in the water surfing every day.  On day one a month felt like it was going to be an eternity and now it feels like such a flash in the pan.  There is something incredibly magical about this place… it’s an absolute must see.




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